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To learn how to operate the high pressure pump should undertake the necessary training
    Tianjin shaped high pressure pump co, Ltd is a scientific research, production and sales of professional manufacturers of piston pumps. Founded more than 10 years, has always been committed to innovation in technology and management, developed applies to the railway, construction, utilities, transportation, coal, metallurgy, mining, defense, products of chemical industry of the high pressure pump. Looking ahead, the company will continue to maintain and carry forward the fine traditions, adhere to "quality of survival, to benefit from management, expand the market with good faith, relying on Science and technology for development" quality policy. The spirit of "quality first, reputation first, customer first" business principles.
    Call methods of self-priming high-pressure cleaning machine, mainly because it is equipped with high pressure pump is self priming, and direct-attach faucet is different. Self priming in high pressure cleaning equipment high pressure pumps and other pumps have different structures and characteristics. Different places is this pump is self-priming capability, it can be easily inhaled some water situations of water pump starter. This high pressure cleaning equipment has several categories of style: one is external-mix, a second, internal-mixing, and the third is a vacuum type and so on. This main structure of pressure washer high pressure pump: pump body, pump, connecting shafts, bearings, impeller and pump cover. After you understand main structures for high pressure cleaning equipment, it's easy to understand how to follow the rules for operation and use it for routine maintenance and maintenance operating precautions. First, high-pressure cleaning machines and high pressure pump should conduct periodic inspections and maintenance, prior to use in daily operation, self-priming high-pressure pump to check all pipes are smooth, solid review each combination of parts, fixing screws should be firmly tightened. Before starting the high pressure cleaning equipment, use artificial rotation of self-suction pump, test self-priming pump flexible rotation or not, any abnormal condition, does not meet the requirements to be corrected immediately and disposed of. Secondly, the staff in operation before use, must be familiar with the content on the product instruction manual, fully aware of the procedures, self-priming high-pressure pump in accordance with the provisions of control within the flow and head, must not exceed the manufacturers directions specify the scope of work, so as to ensure self-priming pump running in peak condition, give full play to their properties and functions. Self priming high pressure cleaner andIn the high pressure pump is in operation, bearing temperature control to within the limits prescribed, usually at 80 degrees Celsius. High pressure cleaning equipment in the process, staff members should stick to their posts, to monitor equipment operation at any time, such as high-pressure cleaning equipment the abnormal noise to stop checking reasons, and timely troubleshooting, not with failure. Particular attention, motor running sound has all the normal situation, if found relatively noisy in operation, with the help of a screwdriver or listening to auxiliary equipment such as rods, close to listen on both ends of the motor, make timely judgments, troubleshooting. Staff according to the rules of operation and use requirements for cleaning operations. Self-priming high-pressure pump to stop when you want to close the valve, pressure gauge, turn off motor. Sequence of operations to be implemented in accordance with the rules. To learn how to operate the high pressure pump should undertake the necessary training, to learn how to operate a variety of high-pressure cleaning equipment, should undertake the necessary training to become expert to operate using high pressure cleaning equipment, to improve efficiency and effectiveness, give full play to the performance of advanced high pressure cleaning equipment.


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