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"Power end maintenance"

   1, the time must be reviewed, and controlling the oil level. Piston pump for the first time run for 50 as a child, you must change the oil, later replaced every 200 hours.

    2, all screws must be tightened

    3, the pump is in operation, the oil temperature shall not be greater than 70 ° c, medium temperature not greater than 55 ° c

    4, grades of lubricant shell omala S2G>20

    5, note from the ducts into the lubricating oil must be (unloading opening gas cap is the oiling hole), grease injection of about 18 litres

    6, oil injected, purpose must be approved by the 80-100 filter, filter injection. To prevent crankcase impurities in the oil injection in vivo

    7, always observe the operating condition of the pump, lube oil pressure remained at 0.1-0.15MPa, oil can be observed from the hose, yellow transparent oil well, grey opaque shape of when the quality is poor, low quality, dark, normally black, it should be replaced

    8, lubrication system, the filter should be washed at any time over the net, if damaged must be replaced with new filters oil filters

    9, when you change the oil, must be performed in hot oil, put the old oil NET, at least once a year the old oil venting, you must clean the crankcase in order to inject new oil

    10, before every oil change, you should check for link and solve the water and then pump new oil. Check parts: seals, Rod seals, piston fillers

    11, always pay attention to all parts of the pump connection the connecting rod bolts to prevent malfunction

"Fluid end repair"

    1, soaking and removing the side screw

    2, packing boxes to replace leaking seals

    3, protection of plunger including plunger cylinders shall be subjected to any damage. When not coated with antirust oil protects screws from injury

    4, should be frequently cleaned the suction side of the pump head filter

    5, longer suspension should be regulating check valve seat seal, check valve, spring for wear and if necessary replace

    6, a special tool to twist lock, check that the piston and rod in the Middle connection is close, do note that close

    7, leaking seals replacement

    8, the pump should be installed horizontally, check all parts carefully before installation, in good circumstances the installation

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