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Before first use

    1) in front of the piston pump for the first time, please read the instructions carefully, it contains a very important installation, use and safety instructions of the pump.

    2) your failure to comply with these instructions, such as problems with piston pump, the company will not be held responsible.

    3) please follow the instruction manual contents installation, use and maintenance.

    4) non-piston pump did not operate in the presence of staff.

    5) piston pump operation, staff members shall not be closer to the moving parts, let alone while the pump is running, the removal of any parts

    6) piston pump overload operation is not allowed, not allowed to waterless idling.

    7) piston pump oil in the crankcase, press into grades, amounts under; no old and new oil, different grades of oil and lubricant mixing, so as not to reduce the oil's performance.

    8) is strictly prohibited in the water supply line does not contain a filter in the operation to contain a lot of solid particles in water affect the life of the pump.

When you use

    1) while the pump is running, the operator shall not close to the moving parts, much less removing any parts in the pump operation.

    2) high-pressure pipeline actuators should be kept away from the operator, so as not to cause bodily harm.

    3) always check the sealing of the water inlet and drainage pipeline, as air in the pipes emptying immediately, so as not to cause vibration of piping and equipment.

    4) when the piston pump lubricant is too low, insufficient water supply, and pump when there is abnormal noise should stop checking and troubleshooting in a timely manner.

    5) while the pump is running, check for proper pump steering must be consistent with the direction indicator to open the pump

    6) the temperature of the lubricating oil in the pump in operation shall not be greater than 70 ° c, box on both sides of the bearing parts, temperature not greater than 55 ° c

At the end of

    1) plunger pumps in front of the parking should gradually reduce the work pressure, put it in an empty parking under load conditions.

    2) when the ambient temperature is lower than 0 ℃, when the pump is idle for a long time, must drain residual media in the pump to prevent freezing.

If a fault occurs

    1) are not allowed to use corrosive cleaning agents to clean the pump parts.

    2) should immediately stop the motor when a significant failure occurs.

When the outside when there is a fire danger, use this pump can work.

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