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High pressure pump noise analysis and its method of operation



    High pressure pumps for high pressure Jet grout provide high voltage power supply devices, are now widely used in construction, road construction, plumbing and other facilities, but when using the high pressure pump, high pressure gear pump noise is often present, high-pressure pump gear noise causes and how to solve the problem of noise, small for everyone to read it today.


    A, and high pressure pump gear of noise has following several may aspects: (1) spin tablets on cylinder body of impact, gear high pressure pump residual volume and exhaust died gap in the of pressure oil of vocal; (2) row valve tablets on valve seat and support pieces of impact; (3) box within of ECHO and bubble rupture sound; (4) bearing noise; (5) large gas, and oil impact block oil Board, caused of noise; (6) other. Such as noise caused by transmission, air cooling fan noise of gear pump, and so on. (7) the motor noise, this is the most important factor.

    Second, solving the problem of high pressure pump noise operating method

    (A) for self-priming high-pressure pump should be placed as far as possible run in well ventilated places, in order to facilitate rapid heat dissipation and reduce the motor temperature. Otherwise, the long-running, very easy to burn motor. If a farmer use self-priming high-pressure pump, because there is no remove the plastic film covering the motor, resulting in overheating, burnt out windings. In addition, before starting, be sure to check the pump body of water, otherwise, not only affects the performance and easy burning of shaft seal parts. Under normal circumstances, high pressure pumps shall be water 3-5 minutes after startup, you should immediately stop check.

    (B) the high pressure pump when the high pressure pump in the event of a failure, don't do it yourself removal. Because of their demolished, one does not know where the fault caused the blind to dismantle one; the second is without special tools, tend to undermine the good parts. The best way is to have the experience and scale of maintenance repairs, and timely replacement of over-aged spare parts and wearing parts. Under normal conditions, high pressure pump maintenance once every six months, to prevent illness.

    (C) stored in non-use period of non-use, timely, high pressure pump off water and emptying in the high pressure pump water, especially during the cold winter months. Then keep them dry, a user can also be in the focus of the high pressure pump parts butter, plus lubricant in the bearing against corrosion of parts. In addition, the period of non-use of high pressure pump, not the longer, the better. If not used for a long time, not only easily corroded parts will reduce the service life of high pressure pump.

    (Four) determine high pressure pump of Taiwan number and alternate rate: on normal running of high pressure pump, General only with a Taiwan, because a Taiwan big high pressure pump and parallel work of two Taiwan small high pressure pump quite, (refers to head, and flow same), big high pressure pump efficiency above small high pressure pump, so from energy-saving angle told rather selected a Taiwan big high pressure pump, and without two Taiwan small high pressure pump, but met has following situation Shi, can consider two Taiwan high pressure pump parallel cooperation: flow is big, a Taiwan high pressure pump up not to this flow.

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