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High pressure cleaner three cannot ignore the link performance

    First step: choose the product that fits your needs is the Foundation of science. We are business or personal, at the time of purchase of pressure washer, depending on your budget, select the machines that best suits their needs, not the blind pursuit of high standards, not blind love of cheap. To suit your needs in the first place. To investigate all kinds of cleaning equipment on the market at first, for comparison. For example, high pressure cleaners, use cold water models, hot models, motor-driven models, has a gasoline engine-driven models, as well as diesel-engine-driven type. We have to choose the most suitable for their own use. If it's not greasy objects of a class, there is no need to buy hot water equipment, since such equipment more hot water boiler heating system component, you don't use it for a long time, aging and rust, is a waste of money, and not conducive to the good performance of well maintained equipment. So, buying cold water washing machine can. Then according to the cleaning characteristics, select appropriate pressure parameters of high pressure pump, if necessary the rated pressure of 50 MPA, do not buy rated pressure 30 MPA, or cleaning will result in overload, the cleaning efficiency is not high, is not conducive to maintain good performance washing machine. Only scientific to buy the products most suitable for their own use, is to maintain its good performance Foundation.

    The second link: the correct operations to prevent failures, to maintain good long-term performance, play equipment for maximum effect. As we all know, high pressure pumps have two parameters of maximum pressure and the rated pressure, when we were in operation, should normally be run under rated pressure, running at maximum pressure is not recommended. Even if the temporary need to operate at maximum pressure, not more than 30 minutes. This will help maintain good performance washing machine. In accordance with the product specifications listed on the steps and considerations of operation is not against the rules of order, and in the use of data displayed on the monitor at any time, for example, pressure gauges, such as oil, to maintain operation within the stipulated parameters.

    The third component: careful maintenance is the guarantee of maintaining good performance and extend the life of the equipment. Maintenance is divided into daily and scheduled maintenance are two, routine maintenance of the contents: before starting to check that the lubricating oil is enough to check all connection parts are closely linked, to check that the filter is clean. High pressure cleaning task is completed, to discharge clean the residual water in the machine, wipe clean the machine, incorporating well inlet pipe and outlet pipe and equipment placed in a dry and ventilated place. Also regular maintenance, oil change on a regular basis, usually in operation for 200 hours, replacement of the engine oil to prevent poor oil lubrication and wear the machine. Regularly check that the sealing ring is aging, the timely replacement of the sealing rings, keep the equipment good sealing.

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