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High pressure pump is the future "plumbing" and "water jet" core development of the cause of
    High pressure pumps are widely used in machinery products, whether for agricultural machinery, industrial machinery, are very common, generally the main types of high-pressure pumps, gear pumps, centrifugal pumps, vacuum pumps, hydraulic gear pumps, screw pumps, high pressure gear pump, sewage pump, and so on. Basic use is mainly used to transport liquids, including water, oil, emulsion, liquid metal or liquid and gas mixtures.



    A wide range of applications due to the high pressure pump, pumps output at more than 50 billion a year in China, 20%-25% of the national power generation consumes on the pumps, pump enterprise in China has amounted to more than 6,000. 2003 national 610 pumps manufacturing enterprises above designated size, output of 18 million units, complete product 16.355 billion yuan, product sales revenue of 16 billion yuan, with a profit of 900 million Yuan. According to statistics for industry key enterprises in 160, completed in 2003 industry output value of 6.1 billion yuan, 19.01% over the previous year, sales volume of 6.255 billion yuan, rose by 16.3%; completed industrial added value of 2.03 billion yuan, rose by 19.32%; export shipments worth 721 million Yuan, 33.21% over the previous year. 2004 pump 750 enterprises finish industrial output value of 25 billion yuan, an increase of 30%. The pump, which means fluid mechanical suction and discharge. The basic principle of it is controlled by the original idea, drive media campaign is the original idea of the output of mechanical energy is transformed into pressure energy of the medium, so as to achieve a certain effect to do work.


    With the development of science and technology, people's living standards progress, rural industrialization, mechanization of agricultural production more and more common, more and more high pressure pumps take in large quantities in the rural market. Follow pump enterprises increase competitiveness increasing, high pressure pump products of high technology in the future, excellent after-sales service will be the most powerful means of competition. Because at home and a good investment environment in recent years, environmental impacts such as increased infrastructure investment, gear pumps, such as industry continues to grow the high growth opportunities. To date the franchise, run the pump manufacturing industry 803, small and medium enterprises has more than 20,000 branches, resulting in price, quality, technology and shoddy cut-throat competition, resulting in a waste of resources, adverse consequences such as high risk operation. Pump companies advertise, make full use of all available resources, especially network resources, so that more users are aware of their own products, so that more customers have more access to their products, high pressure pump the perspective development of the industry are still bright. High-pressure pump into far more than Europe, China and Africa.

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